ICACR 2022 will take place in Qingdao, China during Aug. 12-14 2022.

Welcome to attend ICACR 2022 and join us!

Registration Guide

1) Registration Fees 注册费用

    Early Birds 
    Before April 25, 2022
    Regular Registration
    April 25, 2022-June 25, 2022
    On-site Registration
    HKSME Member
    Additional Page
    Journal Publication Fee
    To be announced after the journal is confirmed

    * Author: Submit abstract or full paper, present it on the conference. 提交摘要或全文,并在会上作报告。
    * The registered and presented papers can be free published in the Conference Proceeding for 6 pages. If the paper exceeds 6 pages, extra pages should be paid at 70USD/page. 会议收录的论文可免费出版在会议论文集中,免费出版页数为6页。如超过6页需要缴纳超页费,400元/页。
    * Student author: Provide a valid certificate from their departments(only for the first author). 第一作者为学生,且提供学生身份的有效证明。
    * HKSME member: Provide a valid member ID. 需提供有效HKSME会员编号。
    * Listeners: Attend the conference only, without submission and publication. 只参会,不提交文章,不作报告


2) Payment Methods -付款方式

    1. Online payment sysytem: Credit Card with VISA or MasterCard. 线上付款系统:仅针对境外VISA或Mastercard信用卡;

    2. Paypal(30USD service charge): Please write email to the conference secretary to get. Paypal: 请联系会议秘书获取账号;(作者将额外支付30美金服务费)

    3. Bank transfer: Find it in the registration form. 银行转账:相关信息可在会议注册表中查看;(注:境外银行汇款作者将额外支付30美金银行服务费)
    (Note:  please note that 30USD additional bank service charge will incur for cross border remittance)

    4. AliyPay\Wechat Pay: Find it in the registration form. 支付宝\微信支付:相关信息可在会议注册表中查看;



* The papers will be published online. 文章是在线出版,无纸质论文集。

* Registration of paper must be done by one of author(s) of paper. Any accepted paper included in the final program is expected to have at least one author or qualified proxy attend and present the paper at the conference. Otherwise the paper cannot be included into the conference proceedings. 每篇文章至少一个作者须注册。日程中包含的所有被录用文章都须至少一位作者或合理代理人出席会议并文章汇报。否则文章将不纳入会议论文集中。

3. The retrieval information of publications listed above only reflects the current situation, if there are any changes, the organizer doesn’t assume any responsibility. The conference organizer cannot guarantee entries are included in any particular databases. 检索结果以检索机构最终结果为准,检索结果解释权归检索机构所有。会务组无法保证任何文章包含在任何特定数据库中。

* Your registration will be confirmed when the payment of the registration fee is received by the Organizers. 会议主办方收到注册费用后方可确认注册成功。

* The conference organizer is not responsible for any accommodation process. You can seek your hotel on your own. 会议主办方不负责参会者住宿,建议参会者尽早预订。

* Other co-authors or accompanying person can register as the listener. 1篇文章的其余作者或是陪同人员可注册为听众。


3) Cancellation Policy 退款条例

1. The conference organizers will not refund or pay any compensation in which the non-attendance or withdrawal is due to any personal reasons. 因个人原因无法参会或撤稿,会务组无法退款或支付任何补偿。

2.The conference organizers cannot accept any responsibility, refund or pay any compensation where the performance of the conference is prevented or affected by force majeure, such as natural disasters, war, strike, government regulations, epidemic and any other events which could not be predicted, controlled, avoided or overcome. 因天灾、战争、罢工、政府条例、流行病或其他无法预见、控制、避免和克服的不可抗力事件或因素,影响或阻止会议进行,会务组不承担任何责任、退款或支付任何补偿。

3. The conference organizers reserves the right to change the dates, place and form of the conference due to force majeure.会务组有权根据“不可抗力”的情况更改会议的日期、地点和形式。

4. Registration cancellations must be notified in writing to the conference specialist via e-mail, the final decision on refund will be at the discretion of the conference organizers. 因其他原因取消注册需发送电子邮件通知会务组,退款最终决定权由会务组决定。
a. Registration cancellations are made prior to July 12, 2022, 70% of the registration fee will be returned. 2022年7月12日前取消注册,可退还70%的注册费用。
b. There are no refunds on meeting registrations, social events and tours for cancellations after July 12, 2022.(including July 12, 2022). 2022年7月12日(含7月12日)后申请退款,注册费用不予退还,可更换参会者。